How To Select A Surrogate Mother By Genetic Parents Itself

Surrogate Mother may be their own relative or outsider. A Surrogate mother should be married having one or two kids immediately after marriage, should be healthy may be educated or uneducated.

The Genes and features of a surrogate mother will not come for your kid. The mother’s age is between 20-30 years. She should agree to be there with you for whole period between treatment and delivery. Better to educate her that she will get pregnancy within 1-4 months period.

Make an agreement with all family members, in-laws and parents. Surrogate mother, her husband, her kids complete blood profile, Viral Screening ,Complete Hormonal Profile,Scans,Hysterscopy should be normal.She should be educated the mother who is going to carry the own Biological Child of the biological parents.She should be educated that this is the IVF/ICSI pregnancy.It is important to the genetic parents and the baby should be given to the genetic parents after birth. Surrogate mother is not going to feed the baby. She should attend the regular Ante natal checkups and take regular medication as it is the IVF/ICSI baby. If there is any need of terminating pregnancy because of the health issues of the baby, the pregnancy can be terminated, again the surrogate mother has to go the same procedure of IVF/ICSI in future.

Surrogate Mother cannot spend more time with her husband and kids. She should maintain the abstinence throughout the pregnancy and she should not attend all her regular duties and functions and regular household work and going for movies etc.
Both Genetic parents and Surrogate mother should be in a legal contract through a lawyer for money matter etc.

Biological Parents should get the surrogate mother for ante natal checkups and other tests and scan till delivery. Delivery should be made by Genetic Parents.

If the surrogate mother doesn’t get pregnancy in first cycle she may need to come for second cycle. All these things to be monitored by genetic parents. Surrogate mother can be their own relative or non relative.


Now a day’s many mediators are entering into this field by arranging a surrogate mother and keeping them along with the mediator but genetic parents can face the problems like following
*Surrogate Mother may not maintain abstinence.
*They can’t restrict her to go outside and do her own work.
*They may not come for regular ante natal checkups.
*They may get complications like infections, skipping medications.
*Pregnancy may end up in abortion.
*They may not follow the instructions given by doctor or mediator.
*They may not have nutritional food.
*They may not have proper nursing and medical care.


*Regular ANC check up will be provided .
*Everyday monitoring Weight, BP, monitoring of abdomen, fetal heart rate monitoring will be done.
*Injectables and oral medication can be provided by nurse so that they cannot be skip.
*Husband, Children or relatives will come once in a month on a specific day for spending two hours time with the surrogate mother.
*Nutritional diet will be given including egg, milk, chapatti, rice, non-veg, fruits etc.
*Confidentiality is well maintained.
*Address and Whereabouts’ of the genetic parents will not be provided until and unless requested by them.
* If the genetic parents wants to see the surrogate mother she will be brought to the hospital and shown to them but the whereabouts’ of the genetic parents will not be given.
*Total Ante natal care of the surrogate mother will be taken care by the fertility clinic and the doctors.
*The baby will be delivered if there is any emergency condition either for the surrogate mother or the baby.
* It will be informed to the genetic parents as soon as we are commencing any treatment or delivery.
*Usually surrogate mother will be delivered by 36 weeks, if there is any problem for the baby is suspected.
*we allow for the normal delivery until and unless Caesarian section is mandatory.
*It is always suggestible for the genetic parents to get 100% result to opt this kind of treatment for surrogate mother. As it is very difficult to monitor a lady with pregnancy for such a long time.
*It is advisable not to keep the surrogate mother with their family member if she is totally outsider as there are chances of threatening and black mailing in future.
*The surrogate baby will not be shown to the surrogate mother after delivery.
*Baby will be shifted to NICU along with the Neonatologist who attended the delivery.
*Baby will be kept in NICU for observation for 48 hours and instructions will be given by Neonatologist to genetic parents to how to take care and feed the baby etc.
* Genetic parents can take baby home after everything is fine. They can take the baby by car/train maintaining the warmth of the own mother.
*Birth certificate will be given to the genetic parents with their names.

*If the Genetic parents are elderly more than 35 years PGS( Pre Genetic Screening) facility is available with us and it is the latest technique for next generation sequencing.
It can be estimate at embryonic level about all aneuploidy 23 chromosomes and select the best embryos and the result can be improve up to 85%.

With all Good Wishes and Success.

Surrogate MothersSurrogate MothersSurrogate Mothers


Why Surrogacy, Why not adoption?

In previous days there is no awareness of sterilization procedures many children used to present in every family. When there is no other option they use to give one or two children to the childless couples in their own relatives or outsiders. But nowadays nuclear families having one or two children have and do want to give them for adoption. Many GOVT. And Private Employees also putting many condition to give a child for adoption. Considering money, health and age of the adoption seeking couples.

Why Surrogacy?

Why Not Adoption?

1. This is today’s concept where technological development involves.

1. Previous concept where no scientific development present.

2. Two or One Genetic parents involve.

2. No Genetic parent’s involvement.

3. Should be considered as own baby as baby comes home immediate after birth and it belongs to them.

3. Everybody knows that the baby adopted from either relatives or non relatives (outsider) or orphanage.

4. The habits will be developed from original genetic parents.

4. Baby will be having some age or mind development it is difficult to change. A baby may be months or few years old. The developing habits may not be from parents.

5. Child will never think to go out even in future. No one will dare to inform that the child doesn’t belong to them.

5. Child may come to know through outside people that she / he doesn’t belong to them and try to move out from them if there is any unwanted issue.

We know many people who came for IVF or Surrogacy treatment when adopted child moves away from home after their professional course.

6. No Blackmailing will be there.

6. Chances of blackmailing will be there.